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Cloretilo PS JPEG

Cloretilo Chemirosa

Cloruro de etilo.

Spray para crioanestesia local en piel intacta.

Indicado en crioanestesia local previa a técnicas invasivas rápidas e intervenciones quirúrgicas menores y en medicina deportiva para atenuar el dolor mediante frío.

Efecto inmediato y de corta duración.

    100 gram and 200 gram ”spray" bottle.
    100 gram spray bottle C.N. 177174.2

    200 gram spray bottle C.N. 189512.7

CLORETILO CHEMIROSA is a local anesthetic "a frigore', whose effect is achieved by cooling the irritated area, being able to reach a temperature of up to ‑20°. This cooling is produced by the rapid evaporation of the­ ethyl chloride, which produces ischemia in the tissues of the skin's surface with the consequential loss of sensitivity in the nerve endings.


Anesthesia is achieved in 15 to 20 seconds, which is displayed by the white, hardened appearance of the skin.


Local anesthetic for treatment prior to minor surgical operations and in sports medicine.

Cloretilo chemirosa

Spray for local crioanestesia (anesthesia"a frigore') in intact skin

Ethyl chloride




CLORETILO CHEMIROSA is a product for skin use. When spraying the solution on the skin you get a strong drop in temperature that provides local anesthesia in the area (local Crioanestésico effect)




Local Crio-anesthesia:
* in sports medicine to attenuate the pain by cold.
* Prior to rapid invasive techniques and minor surgical interventions. Apply on intact skin before venipuncture, venous cannulation and dermatological superficial surgery.



CLORETILO CHEMIROSA is for skin use only externally on unimpaired skins.
For your application take the bottle with one hand, press the button with a finger and spray the area you want to anetesiar, keeping the flask about 15 cm away. Make several sprays of 3-5 seconds to achieve the desired effect, which s manifested by the white and hardened appearance of the skin.






Irritation of the mucous membrane may occur. Skin sensitization may also occur.

Intoxication and treatment

In case of massive accidental inhalation, ethyl chloride can produce narcotic effects as well as cardiac respiratory involvement.


Wear only as directed. Spray solution for external use. It should not be ingested. Contact with eyes or other mucous membranes should be avoided.
Abusive use may cause frostbite of the skin.

* is allergic to any component of the solution.
* your skin is injured or infected.

Extremely flammable Aerosol. Pressure container. It can burst if heated.

Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and any other source of ignition. No smoking. Do not pulvrizar on an open flame or other source of ignition. Do not puncture or burn even after use. Protect from sunlight. Do not expose to Temperauras above 50 º C. Keep out of reach of children.


Spray bottle of 100 grams and 200 grams.





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