Who are we

Laboratorios ERN, S.A. is a pharmaceutical laboratory based on Spanish capital and independent both of financial groups and other industrial groups. The products it commercializes are its own, not depending on the licenses of other laboratories. Even so, on some occasions projects have been developed in combination with other national and international laboratories.

Laboratorios ERN, S.A. places some 15 million units on the market each year, which, according to sales figures, situates it amongst the 25 biggest laboratories operating in Spain. More than half these medicines are for children which makes it one of the leading pediatric laboratories.

Since its foundation, Laboratorios ERN, S.A. has maintained its vocation for the fabrication of medicines. For this reason a large proportion of its investments are destined to constant technological renovation, in order to produce medicines fulfilling all the necessary requirements and specifications. This constant renovation means that Laboratorios ERN, S.A. can offer itself to the industry as an alternative in order to produce its products adapting itself to the industry’s necessities.

The scientific capacity combined with the infrastructure Laboratorios ERN, S.A. disposes of have permitted all the stages of the production of the medicines to be covered. Its activities range from the development of new pharmaceutical products to their production and their subsequent commercialization.


The new acquisition of Laboratorios ERN, S.A.


Wound healing action in injures, sores and burns.