Strategic policy

Since its early days, Laboratorios ERN, S.A has concentrated on identifying the therapeutic necessities of health staff and placing medicines in which they can trust. Be this for their quality or their ease of use and good reception by patients at their disposal. For this reason, Laboratorios ERN, S.A finds itself in constant development, developing medicines principally orientated towards the paediatric market, with a considerable number of those having been added to the national market  in recent years by the national market.

These new medicines are obtained through the development of our own products, what is known as organic growth: an example would be the development of the range of Cito-oral rehydration serums. Another example would be through the creation of  new pharmaceutical forms with the aim of facilitating the administration of drugs and their palatability, as is the case with Apiretal comprimidos bucodispersables for older children, they are tablets that break up in the mouth without need for water and with a banana flavour.

In addition, Laboratorios ERN, S.A invests in medicines with a traditional profile which have been on the market for years and with a reputation for efficiency and security beyond all doubt, but which due to their age have ceased to be of interest to the laboratory which developed them but which continue to be of total therapeutic validity. In recent years medicines such as Astenolit, Sanodin and Senioral have been acquired.

Another of Laboratorios ERN´s strategic supports is based on the securing of licenses following the line of our portfolio and which help improve the completion of the treatment by the patient. An example of this is Metalgial, the first metamizole in drops which exists in Spain, and which permits the dose to be controlled according to the child´s weight, and with an agreeable taste. At the same time, licenses are ceded to other countries as is the case of Pedicetamol, the well known Apiretal in drops commercialised in Poland.

In Laboratorios ERN, S.A´s installations the majority of its own products are prepared, always following the GMP norms. The recent inauguration of the manufacturing plant in Barberá del Vallés has allowed the manufacture, storage and distribution of products for third parties.

Today, this philosophy is present in each and every one of the decisions taken by Laboratorios ERN, S.A, big or small, always thinking that the future is the sum of many presents.


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