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Laboratorios ERN’s new launch: astenolit viales bebibles

BARIGRAF, the new acquisition from Laboratorios ERN, S.A.

New launch in Laboratorios ERN, S.A.: RYM Cicatrizante and RYM Quemaduras.

DOLMEN: a new acquisition by Laboratorios ERN, S.A.


“>Laboratorios ERN’s new launch: astenolit viales bebibles

Laboratorios ERN, S.A. introduces astenolit viales bebibles: with 12 vials by case. Astenolit viales bebibles has the same formulation and effectiveness than astenolit ampoules but in a plastic vial more convenient, easy and quick to take. And remember, Astenolit helps reduce tiredness and fatigue with only a day (vitamin B6 and vitamin B12).


Laboratorios ERN, S.A. has acquired recently Barigraf from Juste, S.A.Q.F.

Barigraf is a contrast medium of barium sulphate for use as a radiopaque agent during X-ray or Computed Tomographic visualisation of the gastro-intestinal tract. Barium sulphate is the elected contrast medium for these kinds of tests.(1)

Barigraf have three pharmaceutical forms that they could be used depending on the organ and the test that they will need study:

  • Barigraf AD 333.2g polvo para suspensión oral.
  • Barigraf 555.2g polvo para suspensión rectal.
  • Barigraf TAC 10g, polvo para suspensión oral.

Barigraf is a traditional drug launched in 1988. With this product, Laboratorios ERN, S.A. wants to start on radiologic diagnosis market to expand their success on Hospital area.

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(1). García Mónaco R. et al. Medios de contraste radiológicos. Lo que un médico no puede dejar de conocer. Ed. Buenos Aires: Journal 2011.


Laboratorios ERN, S.A. has launched two new products indicated for the management of skin lesions like wounds, burs, sores, ulcers…: RYM Cicatrizante (hyaluronic acid 0.2%) and RYM Quemaduras (hyaluronic acid 0.2% as its principal component and silver sulfadiazine 1% as its ancillary substance).

Hyaluronic acid (HA), is a biological polysaccharide fairly distributed throughout the organism, and it is present in high concentrations at level of the skin.

HA participates in many and diverse tissue repair processes facilitating healing and re-epithelialisation.

It is accepted to use HA as an exogenous intervention able to reduce the time of wound repair and improve the quality of the scar. (1)

RYM Cicatrizante is a cream constituted by hyaluronic acid sodium salt 0.2% as its principal component supplied in a tube of 25g.

It is indicated for the management of acute and chronic skin lesions: rushes, wounds, vascular ulcers, pressure sores…

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RYM Quemadurasis a cream constituted by hyaluronic acid sodium salt as its principal component and silver sulfadiazine as its ancillary substance and it is supplied in a tube of 25g.The special formulation of RYM Quemaduras accelerates the repair process and it decreases the time of analgesic treatment. (2)

RYM Quemaduras is recommended for the management of acute and chronic skin wounds, especially those at risk of infection for example first and second-degree burns or pressure sores.

More information about RYM Quemaduras

1. M. Prodoscimi, C. Bevilacqua. Exogenous hyaluronic acid and wound healing: an updated vision. Panminerva Med 2012.

2. A.Farris, M.Prodoscimi, C.Bevilacqua. Association of hyaluronic and silver sulfadiazine for topical use: rational basis and recent clinical evidence in wound healing. Farmaci 2010.


Laboratorios ERN has recently acquired DOLMEN from VIFOR PHARMA ESPAÑA S.L.

DOLMEN is an analgesic that contains acetyl salicylic acid, codeine and ascorbic acid. On the market since 1964, it presents a security and efficiency backed up by years of experience. It is a traditional medicine, which fits in well with Laboratorios ERN, S.A’s portfolio of products. With this medicine Laboratorios ERN S.A has widened its vademecum of medicines indicated for pain relief.

With this change Dolmen has not experienced a change in the registry number at the AEMPS (Spanish medical products and medicines agency), on the National register, nor in its price.

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