Laboratorios ERN in Pediatrics

Historically, the success Laboratorios ERN S.A has had with medicines in the paediatric field like Apiretal® has led us to specialize in this segment of patients and to propose and provide developments in this field.

Currently, more than half of the 15 million medicines we commercialize are destined to children, thus converting us into the pharmaceutical laboratory whose products are most prescribed in children up to 4, and third in those up to 11.

Medicines for children are different to those for adults as, for example the amount to be given to a child is not a fixed dose but tends to depend on weight. As such, these products need to have a series of characteristics which facilitate them being taken and the completion of the treatment cycle. Examples of these are; good palatability (how it is perceived via the mouth), in order avoid its rejection by the child, or a liquid pharmaceutical form (to facilitate swallowing).

Equally, pediatric medicines normally need to incorporate dispensation systems which ensure their correct dosage according to the child’s weight, in order to avoid cases of infradosification (smaller quantities and as such therapeutic failure) or overdosification (higher quantities, and as such less security). And whenever possi le these medicines need to be presented in formats suitable for the duration of the treatment and secure closing systems to avoid accidents.

Examples of these contributions to pediatric medicine are:

Apiretal solución oral 30ml  incorporates a dropper for dosage especially designed for babies. It also incorporates a safety seal to avoid accidents.

Graduated syringe according to the child’s weight: Measures the dose to be administered according to the child’s weight (this is information all parents know). In this way problems of infradosification (smaller doses and as such therapeutic failure), or overdosification (greater quantities and as such less security). This dosage system is the first, and currently only one in Spain incorporated with Apiretal and Apirofeno.

CITORSAL is a medicine designed for rehydration. In its day it was the first product of its kind to taste well.

METALGIAL is the first and only metamizole in drops that exists in Spain, which can be dosed according to the child’s weight, with an agreeable flavour.


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