Founded in 1942 Laboratorios ERN S.A is the result of the joining together, fusion and acquisition of up to 14 different laboratories such as Laboratorios Vitulia, Laboratorios IBSE, or Laboratorios LEVEL. Throughout these years the aim has been to identify the therapeutic necessities of the doctor and offer solutions.

In 1963 Laboratorios ERN, S.A unites with Laboratorios IBSE and Laboratorios IFBE, as a result incorporating emblematic products such as Lebersal and Boldosal of IBSE and the large volume of parenteral solutions offered by IFBE.

In 1968 the refurbishment of the offices of the current headquarters of the company situated at 499 Pedro IV Street, Barcelona, was started.

In 1978 Laboratorios ERN joined with Laboratorio LEVEL, as a result incorporating medicines of the prestige of Blecetina, Necthar-cal, Bleukawine or Penilevel. Last one was the first Spanish treatment based on penicillin via injection appeared with a special retard formula that allowed for only one administration daily, more than 40 years later Penilevel Retard is still widely accepted by consultants.

Apiretal the first Spanish drip administered paracetamol appeared in 1981. Here the innovation was to offer the pediatric doctor an antipyretic which allowed him or her to adapt the guideline dosage to the weight of the child. Today Apiretal is one of the antipyretics of reference, present in the near totality of homes with children.

In 1983 the construction of a new production plant of some 6000 m², located on Peru Street, Barcelona, was started. The first medicines produced in this plant were the Vitulia serums, others were added progressively until 1996, when the totality of products was produced there and it became the sole production plant. Currently this production plant meets all GMP requirements and is primarily focused on the production of liquids and sprays.

Citorsal was born in 2002. This is an oral rehydration system which has been modified in respect to the classics. Its principal contribution was the incorporation of an agreeable taste, thus averting the possibility of the therapeutic failure of other saline solutions caused by the child´s rejection due to their taste.

The logistic warehouse located at Sant Andreu de la Barca was inaugurated in 2004. This warehouse measures 12800 m², of which 5800 m² are designated to packaging of the finished product and as the logistical distribution centre.

In accordance with its plans for growth both national and international, as well as its objective of strengthening its industrial business, Laboratorios ERN, S.A. started a process of industrial expansion which culminated, in 2009 with the acquisition of a new production plant located in Barberá del Vallés which has been operating since 2011. This new production centre is where solid products are currently produced. Orally ingested liquid products will be produced at this centre in the immediate future.

Metalgial, the first pediatric drip administered metamizole was launched in 2012. Like Apiretal it allows the guideline dosage to be adapted to the weight of the child.

At present, Laboratorios ERN contributes to the Spanish therapeutic arsenal with more than 20 principal assets distributed among more than 100 models. Remaining faithful to this model has meant remaining active in the pharmaceutical sector, successfully adapting ourselves to our surroundings, to the increased technicality of the sector, the demands of the health sector and to the competition


The new acquisition of Laboratorios ERN, S.A.


Wound healing action in injures, sores and burns.