Licensing in-Licensing out

The growth plan of Laboratorios ERN, both at national and international level is currently one of its principle priorities, the licensing in –licensing out department being responsible for negotiating strategic agreements which allow this objective to be reached.

These agreements are fundamentally based on:

  • The acquisition of pharmaceutical products and registers.
  • Strategic agreement projects.
  • Licensing out: The internationalisation of our own medicines.


Pharmaceutical assets

Laboratorios ERN actively looks for agreements with other companies which lead to the acquisition of pharmaceutical assets coherent with our Vademecum.

Recent acquisitions of assets have been:

  • Barigraf: Contrast medium with barium suphate.

  • Astenolit. Prevention of conditions lacking in vitamins and amino acids.
  • Dolmen. Painkiller with acetyl salicylic acid and codeine.
  • Otogen. Anaesthetic and auditory anti-inflammatory.
  • Sanodin. Cytoprotective and topical anti-inflammatory.
  • Senioral. Temporary alleviation of nasal congestion.

Licensing in:

Another area we work actively in is the acquisition of registers in order to launch products in Spain.

Metalgial: the first and only metamizole in drops for pediatric administration in Spain.

Apirofeno: The first paediatric ibuprofen in Spain which is administered with a graduated syringe according to the child’s weight, in order to avoid the risk of over or under dosage.

Strategic promotional agreements

From 1996 Laboratorios ERN has actively looked for agreements with a variety of companies for the promotion of products which, according to their profile adapt perfectly to the target of doctors with who the laboratory works, especially paediatrics and primary care. Results clearly demonstrate our promotional capability for third parties.

Examples of these agreements are:

  • From 1996 onwards and through IONFARMA Slu the commercialisation and promotion of the line of products OTC CAPITAL PHARMA and PHARMA OTC SL were started.
  • Between April 2003  and October 2007 an agreement was reached with ASTRAZÉNECA FARMACÉUTICA SPAIN S.A for the promotion of Terbasmin® and Turbuhaler® in Spain.
  • Between 2008 and 2010 an agreement was reached with NOVARTIS CONSUMER HEALTH, currently NESTLE CONSUMER HEALTH, for the promotion of the line of nutritional supplements MERITENE and MERITENE JUNIOR on doctors visits.
  • From 2008 to 2014 the commercialisation and promotion of the cosmetics and skin care line NEUSC was started by us, through IONFARMA Slu.


Laboratorios ERN has a wide portfolio of its own products and provides opportunities for reaching agreements and producing registers at international level.

An example of licensing out is Apiretal:

Currently there is a European project with the objective of realising the European expansion of Apiretal® with a new register of pharmaceutical specialisation under the European brand APIREDOL in various states that are involved: France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. For this  it has prepared the documentation in CTD format, actualised according to the latest European directives and guidelines. Currently it is being commercialised in Poland under the brand name Pedicetamol.


The new acquisition of Laboratorios ERN, S.A.


Wound healing action in injures, sores and burns.

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